The Hawaii International HOPE Foundation (HIHF) is comprised of a relatively small group of people from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Asia.  HIHF was established May 3, 2000. We are not connected in any way with any government or religious organization.  We think of ourselves as a people to people organization.  HIHF is a 501(c)3 organization.

Objectives: Establishing an organization which will:

  1. Provide benefit in the form of shelter, food, clothing and education to children and communities in Southeast Asia and Africa
  2. Serve as a model for like-minded individuals and organizations, domestic and international
  3. Assist existing organizations in researching the scope and nature of the problem
  4. Formulate alternative policy suggestions for reducing the problem working in conjunction with domestic and international educational and research institutions

Immediate goal:
Expand our support for community projects in TBeng, Cambodia, notably the building of a community house on the grounds of TBeng Primary School.

Long Term Goals:
To establish financially sustainable shelters for orphans and disadvantaged youth in the developing countries of Southeast Asia and Africa.