Summer 2001 Projects

HIHF had a busy summer assisting disadvantaged children in Asia. After arriving in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, four HIHF volunteers met the Assistant Director of the Australia-Cambodia Orphanage. Our Foundation provided bus transportation to the southern coast of the country and meals for 54 children from that orphanage for a three day beach excursion. Although there was some teaching, this was primarily a time of recreation for the children; something “fun” which they would remember about their childhoods.

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Also, while in Cambodia, HIHF volunteers made a visitation and small contribution to a private program established to teach young women/girls (age 14 to 18) the skill of sewing as an alternative to prostitution. Once the ladies develop their sewing skills, they are assisted in finding employment.

In Thailand when mothers are sent to prison their children must accompany them. HIHF volunteers assisted with a program in Phuket which provides day care for these children in a pleasant center just outside of the prison. Volunteers sometimes take the children on outings, such as to the beach and zoo.

The final activity in Thailand for our group of volunteers was to attend the schooling program set up for the Sea Gypsy children. HIHF had financed the establishment of this program a couple of months earlier. Volunteers assisted in small group teaching activities and accompanied the children on several recreational excursions.

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