TBeng Community Center

In 2017, HIHF began to form a partnership with AUKAS (Opportunities Through Education), a small but efficient NGO based in Belgium.  Although not simultaneously, AUKAS and HIHF both supported the Angkor Tree School located on the outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We began to communicate about our plans to help the villages near the school HIHF built in 2011, TBeng Elementary School.  This is located in the poorest part of Cambodia.  HIHF and AUKAS started to form the opinion that working together we might accomplish much more than working independently.

AUKAS (Facebook) came up with an excellent idea.  Build a community center on the school grounds. In the past, they had helped to send teachers to the Angkor Tree School (Facebook), and their thought was to do the same for the TBeng School.  They needed a facility to house the teachers, but the facility would also be used for the villagers, and the faculty at the school, to hold meetings and for special projects. Meanwhile, HIHF would initially focus on helping the nearby village economies improve — first through assistance in agriculture.