Hawaii International HOPE Foundation (HIHF) is comprised of a relatively small group of people from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Asia.  HIHF was established May 3, 2000. We are not connected in any way with any government or religious organization.  We think of ourselves as a people to people organization.  HIHF is a U.S. 501(c)3 organization.

Our mission is to support locally-driven community development efforts in Southeast Asia. We believe that on-the-ground organizations have the knowledge necessary to create positive change in the communities they live and work in, and that building relationships with these organizations is a key component to holistic, sustainable development.

Objectives: Establishing an organization which will:

  1. Provide holistic, community-driven support to small organizations, including but not limited to education, community development, health, and basic necessities
  2. Serve as a model for like-minded individuals and organizations, domestic and international
  3. Assist existing organizations in researching the scope and nature of the problem


Board Members and Officers

  • President Emeritus, Dr. Kurt Weigelt
  • President, William H. Drummond
  • Vice President, Dr. Timothy Dolan
  • Secretary, Dr. Kurt Weigelt
  • Treasurer, Daniel Alber
  • Board Member, Amber Lin
  • Board Member, Albert Nobriga
  • Board Member, Michael DeValon
  • Board Member, Kevin Lesinski
  • Board Member, Erin Klisch